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Snorkeling from Maui and Lanai

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Half Day Snorkel Trip

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The Half Day Snorkeling Trip departs at 8:00 am for the neighbor island of Lanai. Lanai offers some of the most pristine snorkeling around and is also home to spotted, spinner, and bottlenose dolphins. On this 4.5 hour trip we visit 2-3 unique snorkel spots and enjoy dolphin watching opportunities. The trip includes a continental breakfast, snacks, water, juice, and soda. We also provide all the gear and instruction you will need.

Adult ~ Half Day Snorkel Trip
Retail Price – $91.09
Online Sale Price – $77.43
Child ~ Half Day Snorkel Trip
Retail Price – $80.37
Online Sale Price – $68.31
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Number of Guests
Child (ages 5-12)
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Activity Time
7:30 AM - 12:30 PM

*Please no pregnant women or people with back problems.*

Full Day Snorkeling Trip

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Our Full Day Snorkel Trip is the adventure of a lifetime! This trip departs at 7:00 am. On this 8 hour trip we travel around the entire island of Lanai. The reefs are teaming with colorful fish and corals, as well as the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. On the way to Lanai we often enjoy dolphin watching opportunities. This trip includes a continental breakfast and a full deli lunch, as well as water, juice, and soda. We provide all the gear, instruction, and flotation devices you will need.

Adult ~ Full Day Snorkel Trip
Retail Price – $139.31
Online Sale Price – $118.41
Child ~ Full Day Snorkel Trip
Retail Price – $101.37
Online Sale Price – $86.16
Book a Maui snorkeling trip with Hawaii Ocean Rafting
Number of Guests
Child (ages 5-12)
Select Activity Date
Activity Time
6:30 AM - 2:30 PM

*Please no pregnant women or people with back problems.*


  • Perfect weather, beautiful snorkeling spots with crystal clear water, many dolphins on the way, so we made a few stops to watch them, very friendly crew (Stephanie & Sean), they told us interesting stories and good food. We really enjoyed it! Thank you guys! Reviewed June 8, 2017
    Christian G
  • Best trip for your money! Hands down the best snorkeling boat trip for your money. This trip came strongly recommended from an Expedia agent at our hotel and man was she spot on. Captain Sean and crew member Celia were fantastic! Sean was funny, friendly, and very knowledgable as well as Celia. My girlfriend and I had a great time even though we didn't see any Dolphin or turtles. Next time I will probably do the full day snorkeling trip! Mahalo for the great time guys. Reviewed June 1, 2017
  • Just do it! Captain Sean and Celia today took us to a really fantastic 5h snorkeling trip . We saw it all Dolphins, Turtles and a lot of reef fish as we visited several spots. As it is only a small boat, but almost unsinkable according to Sean :-), there are not too many people on board and you get a more personal experience. Anytime again. Reviewed May 20, 2017
  • Snorkel Trip. Stephanie and Sean took 10 of us out Saturday morning. What a trip!! Felt safe and had a blast. I would wait and ask for these two. Knowledgeable and entertaining. Reviewed May 13, 2017
  • Excellent crew, fun, beautiful, and flexible. This was my husband's first time snorkeling in the Ocean and he LOVED it! I have been snorkeling for years and the two spots this crew took us to were about average. We did see a variety of fish species and sea turtles (and a shark, AFTER we got back to the dock. Phew!). The first stop was in a small bay on a beautiful natural reef. The second stop was near the harbor, on an artificial reef. ..Reviewed May 11, 2017
    Em T
  • So much wildlife to see! Three of us went with Captain Stephanie and Crew Sean to Lanai for a snorkel trip We went to a total of three sites - two near Lanai and one near Lahaina.The trip was amazing. They provided some light breakfast and lunch, as well as loads of drinks. We get to see Lanai, one of the most secluded inhabited islands of Hawaii and some of its cool features, such as a blowhole near the shore. Reviewed April 16, 2017
  • Still the ones to go out with!!! Hawaii Ocean rafting still gets you to the whales as well or better than all the rest. We once again had a whale right under our raft! Jeff, Sean, Troy and Steph are fun crew and you will have a great time. As good as it gets, Thanks! Reviewed April 10, 2017
    Mark S
  • "Great Snorkel Trip" We took a lovely half day snorkel trip to Lanai. Here are a couple of highlights: *Boat is a relatively small raft, so you aren't going snorkeling with a huge crowd of people. *Captain and skipper were great. They took us to an incredible snorkeling spot which was really magical. *They worked with us when our kids were on the...Reviewed on July 1, 2016
  • Higgins Family Celebration of Life” Feather & Sean were Great!! 15 members of our family Spread my parents ashes, Harold & Betty per their request, yesterday from an Ocean Raft off Puamana. We enjoyed the experience and are planning to snorkel with them on Sunday. Joe Higgins Reviewed on June 17, 2016
  • Snorkeling with Hawaii Ocean Rafting” We have done other snorkeling trips, but this was the best one we've experienced on Maui. We enjoyed running with a pod of spinner Dolphins, saw a lot of colorful fish and a turtle. Snacks on board were plentiful and good. Crew were very efficient, pleasant and knowledgeable. Reviewed on May 29, 2016
  • "Amazing whale watching!" Hawaii Ocean Rafting provided a terrific first-time whale watching tour for us. Captain Stephanie and crew person Sean told us exactly what we would be doing, what to expect, what to look for, and information about whales and their behavior. We saw a mother and calf and several males, a breach, fin displays and flapping, and numerous tails. The swells...Reviewed on Jan 23 2016
    Steve H
  • "This is the one" If you want to whale watch out of Lahaina Harbor, this is the company to go with. I rarely post to TA but my experiences the last 3 years, and especially today, make this essential. This raft is the best at finding whales, and that is exactly what you want. You will get a whale education with any provider, but...Reviewed on Jan 21 2016
  • "Whale watch" This is an awesome experience we have gone with this family owned company several times and they do a great job The whales are amazing and they seemed to be able to find them and get them to come close to the boat... Reviewed on Jan 21 2016
  • "Great snorkeling and whale watching!" Love this small boat! Flexible crew because they can adjust to marine life and conditions. I love snorkeling around Lanai, whales were great to see up close! Reasonable price, love this company! Reviewed on Jan 20 2016
    Laurie S
  • "Perfection!" Pretty tough to get me to give a perfect score, but these guys nailed it!!!! Kim and Tom were exceptional, outstanding and went above and beyond to make our trip great. We did snorkel trip to Lanai. They were funny and great with the young kids. They made sure we were all safe and taken care of. We've done numerous... Reviewed on Jan 17 2016
  • "Our First Whale Watch of 2016-Best Captain!!" Hawaii Ocean Rafting - if you want the best, book a whale watch trip with Captain Jeff and Karen. We have been on at least 8 trips with Hawaii Ocean Rafting over the last few years and Captain Jeff is the best! Funny, knowledgable, aware of his surroundings and passengers at all times. Always feel safe with him as the... Reviewed on Jan 17 2016
    K R
  • "Great experience with whale watching" I went out on a whale watching trip with Captain Stephanie with my teenage daughter. It was a great experience. We were very lucky because we saw many whales. Stephanie was very good at spotting them. The sea was a little rough but everyone was so excited to see all these animals. A couple of times the boat stopped and... Reviewed Jan 10 2016
  • "Half day snorkel to Lanai" We had a great trip. Favorite excursion in our past 3 visits to Maui. Capt. Stephanie and Sean were awesome. Lots of dolphins! Saw whales. Snorkel sites had great visibility and a lot of sea life! Book now! Reviewed Jan 10 2016
    Kim D
  • "Great crew and awesome snorkeling!" We spent several days of our trip to Maui snorkeling from different beaches and decided to do one snorkeling excursion. I found Hawaii Ocean Rafting before we left for vacation, but didn't book our excursion until several days after we arrived in Hawaii. Stephanie and Sean were awesome! They took us to Lanai to snorkel in a preserve that had...Reviewed Jan 4 2016
    Cheree T
  • "The BEST Maui Memories - Thanks to Sean and Hawaii Ocean Rafting" We took the half-day Lanai snorkel trip with HOR on Christmas Morning. We were a small group of only 7 people, plus Sean and the captain. It was an incredible way to spend a few hours. My daughter said "I can't believe we did SO many things in just one short trip." ...Reviewed Jan 3 2016
  • “Always a fun and exciting trip!” We have been out with Hawaii Ocean Rafting several times and we always have a blast. I especially like when Sean is on the boat! We really enjoy his stories, knowledge about the islands, sea life, and snorkeling in the area. The boats are well maintained, clean, affordable and fun! Highly Recommended! Reviewed August 18, 2015
  • “Visited Four Snorkeling Spots” Stephanie and Sean did a great job of making this a fun and memorable adventure. They both made this a combined tour and snorkeling adventure telling us tidbits about Bill Gates' wedding, who owned the island, and how to safely dive. We had originally signed up for a half day tour but Mark (owner) called the day before and asked... Reviewed August 14, 2015
  • “Amazing Trip Around Lanai Snorkeling and Spotting Spinner Dolphins” Sean and Stephanie were amazing on our snorkeling trip to Lanai. Saw tons of dolphins and went to 4 or 5 awesome snorkeling spots around Lanai. One of my favorite things we did on or trip to Maui.Reviewed August 14, 2015
  • “Snorkeling with Stephanie and Sean” My 10 year old daughter and I enjoyed tremendously our 1/2 snorkeling with Stephanie and Sean. They were more than accommodating. We stopped to look at the dolphins and they were very safe and informative. I would highly recommend this activity. Reviewed August 11, 2015
    Carissa M
  • "Fun, low key, non-cheesy snorkel trip" My husband and I did the half day snorkel trip to Linai'i. With these guys you get a much smaller group (17 people on our trip) on a pontoon boat, compared to some of the other companies that take out gobs of people on big boats. Other good thing about going on a pontoon is that they can try way... Reviewed August 9, 2015
  • “Riding the ocean surf” Captain Stephanie and first mate Sean made this exciting trip fun and entertaining. 3 good snorkel spots and a dolphin siting. The raft is fun and allows you to get up closer to the action than the larger boats do. Allows for only 15 passengers. Get ready to get really wet on the ride if the surf is up. Our... Reviewed July 14, 2015


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What makes Hawaii Ocean Rafting unique?

On each trip you enjoy the personal touch afforded by our smaller boats. No overcrowding here. Trips are aboard our ocean raft with our friendly and knowledgeable Captain and crew. Our rafts are fast which give us the freedom to check things out on the way to our destinations, like giant sail fish driving a frenzied school of bait fish to the surface or a pod of dolphins playing the water.

Each trip offers superb snorkeling as well as marine wildlife encounters. We provide all the gear and instruction you will need, as well as flotation devices (boogie boards, waist belts, and noodles). There are also waterproof cameras for purchase at our booth before departure. Trips include snack and refreshments.

We are a small family company and we know that times are still tough out there. We also know that there a lot of choices for you when you’re planning your snorkeling and whale watching adventures. As we head into the next Whale Watch Season this fall, we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your business.