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Snorkeling from Maui & Lanai, Private Tours, Seasonal Maui Whale Watching Tours!

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Private Snorkeling – Maui, Lanai
Private Snorkeling – Maui, Lanai
Dolphin Watch, Snorkeling
4 hrs
Private Charters – Maui, Lanai
Private Charters – Maui, Lanai
Private Charters, Whale Watching
4 hrs

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Snorkeling from Maui and Lanai

Half Day Snorkel Trip

On our Half Day Snorkeling Trip, we will depart at 8:00 am for the neighbor island of Lanai. Lanai offers some of the most pristine snorkeling around and is also home to spotted, spinner, and bottlenose dolphins. On this 4.5 hour trip we will visit (at least) 2-3 different and unique snorkel spots as well as dolphin watching opportunities. More…

Adult Half Day Snorkel Trip
Retail Price – $91.09
Online Price – $77.43!
Child Half Day Snorkel Trip
Retail Price – $80.37
Online Price – $68.31!

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Snorkeling from Maui and Lanai

Full Day Snorkel Trip

The Full Day Snorkel Trip is the adventure of a lifetime and is available for private charter from December through May. This trip departs at 7:00am in order to take advantage of the early calm weather and travels around the entire island of Lanai. This trip is off the beaten path for sure.

Adult Full Day Snorkel Trip
Retail Price – $139.31
Online Price – $118.41
Child Full Day Snorkel Trip
Retail Price – $101.80
Online Price – $86.16

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Private Snorkeling in Maui

On our mid-day trip we will depart Lahaina Harbor at 10:00 am for a 4 hour Maui Snorkeling trip. This trip will visit the superb snorkel spots Maui has to offer, including the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. If weather permits we will also venture over to the island of Lanai for some snorkeling and dolphin sighting. More…

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Private Charters – Maui, Lanai

You can enjoy your very own unique adventure aboard one of our rafts with a private charter. With this option you can choose the focus of your trip. With this option you can pick and choose what you would like to do more of, whether it be snorkeling, sightseeing, dolphin sighting, turtles, whale watching etc. More…



We offer a full range of eco rafting activities with something for everyone.

We are a small family company and we know that times are still tough out there. We also know that there a lot of choices for you when you are planning your snorkeling and whale watching adventures.

As we head into the next Whale Watch Season this fall, we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your business.

On each trip you will enjoy the personal touch afforded by our smaller boats, no overcrowding here. Each trip offers superb snorkeling as well as marine wildlife encounters.

Several species of dolphin call the island of Lanai their home, we usually encounter the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins and the Pan-tropical Spotted Dolphins, as well as the occasional pod of Bottle nose Dolphin.

The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles are also very common, and larger than you may expect when you see them up close.

Lanai Snorkeling, Maui Snorkeling, Dolphin Watch & Sea Turtles, Seasonal Whale Watching Tours from Lahaina

No crowds! Special Discounts through Whale Watch Season! Book now and save!

Our smaller boats offer a personal touch you can’t get sharing a Whale Watching trip with 60 other people.. Go on a half-day  Maui snorkeling or Whale Watching adventure. Outings to the island of Lanai invite superb snorkeling and breathtaking landscapes far from the beaten path. The dolphins are a sure favorite among our visitors, it is an unforgettable experience to be up close and personal. Visit pristine coral reefs. The reefs of Maui and Lanai not only team with abundant and colorful fishes, but also the Hawaiian green sea turtles.  Our craft allow for non-invasive Whale Watching during whale season( Dec-May) and range in duration from 4 to 8 hours offering a perfect fit for your vacation.
  If you choose a half day trip you can get a full 5hours in and be back in Lahaina in time for lunch on Front Street. You can be assured you will be treated like family by our experienced Captains and crew.

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Island Star Excursions.
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Private Charter options.

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Snorkel in Maui and Lanai!

Maui whale watching

  • “Great whale watching and snorkeling” We booked a whale watching/snorkeling tour which was about 6 hrs. We went over to Lanai and snorkeled in a bay area of the island which resulted in seeing corral and tropical fish. Captain Jeff took us back to a area north of Lahaina to snorkel some more. along the way we saw whales nearby and both the captain and crew Sam shared information on whales and the area. I would rate this up there with the better tours. They have several tours offered.- Reviewed March 11, 2015
    Dave A
  • “A Great Experience!” Our family really enjoyed whale watching with Captain Stephanie and Sean. It's amazing to be out in the water and close to it in a smaller craft. Stephanie did a great job of finding whales and moving on when the time was right-we saw lots of action. Sean gave just the right amount of info. We heard some interesting facts and stories and could as lots of questions. But he didn't talk non-stop, which I appreciated because it gives you time to just absorb the awe and beauty of the whales and scenery. It felt like an intimate experience. 2 hours was as long as we needed, and as long as I think our two kids could manage (ages 7, 10). I'm so glad we went whale watching! - Reviewed March 9, 2015
    Kandyce S
  • “Always Amazing Whale Watch!!!” We've been on many whale watches in the past but once we found HOR 10 years ago we never went back! The crew is laid back - but really know their stuff. What this means is they tailor it to the crowd. This time we had a bunch of people who had been on multiple trips (its that good!) so we didn't need a lot of basics. Jake and Sammie gave us new and interesting information, a little thrill ride, and lots of fun! We hung with a competition pod of about 11 for an amazing show then we found some bottlenose dolphins which are pretty rare around here. They know their stuff and have lots of aloha. Don't miss this attraction! p.s. - we even live here and keep coming back!- Reviewed March 6, 2015
  • “Great rafting whale watching tour” My group of 5 went out on a Whale watch on Feb 23, 2015. We had a great time on the 2 hour cruise. The caption was able to get us right out to the whales and we saw a bunch of them on our tour. We were able to get pretty close to the whales which was great. We of course were hoping for the whales to come up to our boat but no luck. That's not the captions fault though. The Capt and 1st mate we pretty good over all. There wasn't a lot of great information but to me it was all about seeing the whales. The price was much better than other rafting trips so we booked with them again on Feb 27 to go out again. It was another good trip.. - Reviewed March 6, 2015 NEW
    Matthew H
  • “Highlight of our trip!!!” We chose to do the half-day snorkel to Lanai...this was our first "guided" snorkeling adventure in Hawaii. First off, the group size was small, which was fantastic. We saw other tour boats that had groups of 20+ snorkelers. With a smaller group it seemed we were able to fit in more activities and the experience was more personable and relaxed. On our way to Lanai, we saw a few whales breach. Stephanie stopped the boat and we were encouraged to "talk" to the whales to lure them closer to the boat. The two whales (mom & calf), sure enough, swam close to the boat, so close in that we were able stick our heads into the water to see and hear these amazing animals. We then proceeded towards Lanai where we snorkeled three different areas. The first snorkeling location we were fortunate enough to see two reef sharks and a few stingrays. As we worked our way back to the harbor, Stephanie stopped the boat and asked if we all wanted to experience a blue water swim. The water visibility was amazing. Sean had dropped a quarter in the water and we all were able to watch the quarter drop all the way down to a complete stop on the ocean floor 150 feet down. Overall this was a fantastic experience. Stephanie and Sean were extremely knowledgeable, enjoyable to listen to and complimented one another well. If you are looking for a fun, relaxed and more personable tour, i would definitely recommend the Hawaii Ocean Rafting. Reviewed March 5, 2015
    Fallon W
  • “Mugged In Maui” We were held hostage by a group of whales this morning as Captain Jake and First Mate Sammi made sure we had an amazing time on our whale-watching raft trip. If you've done this once, you will never go back to the big boats.!! It was an incredible experience!! Even the most experienced watchers among us were in awe of the activity we saw today....multiple breaches, whales surrounding and under the boat, surfacing right next to it, many waves and slaps with fins and tails, mamas and babies....whales close enough to smell and almost touch...it was exciting, and moving, and awesome!!- Reviewed March 3, 2015
  • “Whale tour” I could not of had a better time. I was on 4 whale tours while in Hawaii last week and 3 times I went out with Hawaii Ocean Rafting. Twice we with Stephenie and Sean and Jeff and Samme. Both captains and crew knew where to go to find very active whales. Jeff found a competition pod and where able to watch 7 whales nearly 30 minutes. Everyone on the boat was able to get unbelievable pictures. Will call on them again on our next visit to Maui. Reviewed March 2, 2015
    Edward C
  • “Whales, Dolphins, and Snorkeling!!!” Thank you Captain Jake and crew for a great time on your morning snorkeling tour. Loved all whale watching (moms and babies) as well as the DOLPHINS!! Highly recommended. Reviewed March 2, 2015
    Melanie B
  • "Fabulous trip!" Did the 1/2 day snorkel trip to Lanai with Stephanie and Sean today. It was my 3rd boat trip this week, and by far the best. Not only did I snorkel with eagle rays, turtles, octopus and lobster, but I got to spend quality time with both dolphins and whales! It doesn't get much better than this! S+S were great - friendly, informative and helpful, food was good, boat was great - lovely to be up close and personal. All in all a spectacular time.

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